Zoe: Hi everyone, my name is Zoe. I’m the Creative Director at Saltwater Collective. This is the first in our series of video blogs we’re going to be putting together for you to give you some design and marketing tips for your business.

The first tip we’re going to talk about today is just taking things right down to basics, and just talking about why it’s really important to have a strong brand behind you.

Your brand is normally the first thing that people come into contact with when they meet your business. You really need it to look credible, strong, and trustworthy so that people want to do business with you.

There’s a reason why you close your eyes when you meditate. That is because over 80% of the information that our bodies receive is through our eyes. When people meet your brand, the first thing they’re going to start to gain an understanding and a recognition of what you do is from what they see. That is why it is really important to have a strong brand so that you set the stage and have a credible backing behind you to sell your services.

That’s it for me this week and I’ll be talking to you really soon. Have a good one, bye.