Marketing Consulting

Your road-map to marketing success.

Many companies have a great product or service but often struggle to get cut-through and engagement in a crowded market, losing potential customers to the better marketed brands. Thankfully, you are about to become part of the latter.


Marketing Action Plans

Create the structure you need to ensure your marketing is always rocking. We workshop with you to create an easy-to-implement plan that covers all the things you need and nothing you don’t. After all, a plan is only as good as it’s implementation. We’ll get your goals laser-focused, your messaging on-point and your brand singing from the rooftops – all through the most effective communication channels for your business.


Campaign Strategy

Get a fresh perspective for your next campaign. We drain our brains for new ideas and creative concepts to get serious cut-through and support campaign objectives. We’ll be there every step of the way from initial brainstorming through to post-campaign analysis.


Digital Strategy

Amplify your online with highly effective, analytics-based digital strategy. We use digital channels to expand your audience, create an instant connection, build trust and nurture prospects through to conversion.

Saltwater Collective has multiplied our brand awareness many times over. As a direct result, we have experienced massive growth, attracted high-profile clients and improved market-share. –

Sharmaine Crooks, Managing Director, Australian Imaging.

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